Meet our expert Ann-Kristin Spiik

Ann-Kristin is a dedicated and versatile project manager in the preclinical phase of drug development. “I believe one of my most valuable assets when helping our clients is that I´ve been in their shoes. My experience working with the range of challenges a small company developing oligotherapeutics faces, has made me acutely aware of the regulatory requirements and everyday decisions a company in development has to go through. My own drive stems from wanting to make a difference for the end-user.”

Typical client assignments for Ann-Kristin involve the coordination and delivery of the nonclinical and quality aspects of drug development. Assessment of regulatory strategies, including the project specific design of nonclinical studies and quality programs are also of key importance.  During the four years Ann-Kristin has been at SDS, she has also been actively driving internal project management at SDS. “While I am used to being involved in multiple aspects of drug development, I am always interested to develop my skills in other areas. For instance, I have worked on SDS’s digital marketing and it is rewarding to see our efforts pay off.”