Meet our expert Niclas Sjögren

When Niclas joined SDS in 2017, he brought with him 10 years’ experience as a statistician working within drug development and medical research. His accumulated know-how from being engaged as a statistical leader at AstraZeneca, has formed his excellent leadership capabilities and collaboration skills. He finds problem solving rewarding – which is ideal for clients with development projects.

What is most challenging in your role at SDS?

“One vital thing to start with is to clearly understand a client’s goal when commencing a study or project. It is not certain that a client knows that themselves, nor what research questions a study is able to address. Such cases are challenging but an aspect of my job that I like the most. The synergy of interactions between experts in the research field and statistical thinking is often significant, as together, we are able to understand a client’s goal and how to reach it. My mindset is that an imperfect answer to the right question is significantly more valuable than a perfect answer to the wrong question. In fact, the latter is often useless!”