Meet our expert Nurgul Batyrbekova

Nurgul has joined SDS in 2017 as a MSc-student to do a register-based epidemiological study as part of a larger collaborative client project. In a short time, she has impressed us all with her warm personality and readiness to help. We strongly encouraged her to grow with us and become a member of our statistical experts. Nurgul is now our first PhD student fully sponsored by SDS, dividing her time between working on real world evidence (RWE) projects with clients, and doing her research at Karolinska Institutet. In addition to her statistical skills, Nurgul has also great programming knowhow with experience in developing custom-made web-applications.

What is it that you like about working with RWE-studies?

“It is extremely rewarding to work with register-based studies as it is more than working with numbers and mathematical models. It is telling the story of patients, their treatments and socio-economic situations linked to their diseases. Anything we learn now could be helpful to future patients.”

Nurgul is a curious person who likes to discover patterns and understand relationships in complex problems. Our clients strongly appreciate working with her, as she brings her enthusiastic personality in combination with statistical knowledge and rigorous approach to detail.